The Goddess of Hera was prominent in Greek Mythology and known as the Queen of the Gods. She was the daughter of Titans Cronus and Rhea and later became the wife of Zeus, the King of the Gods. Hera is known for her role as the protector of marriage and family and also portrayed as a majestic figure, associated with fertility, childbirth and domestic life. She was a respected deity that played a significant role during her time, just as us women do today! That is why we created Goddess Rewards. To show our appreciation to women for their work IN & OUTSIDE of the home!

Happily Ever Atchison is a little different than most companies when it comes to rewards. We're not here just to offer you excellent quality merch that you'll be dying to purchase again and again. We're also here to give back to our Goddess Ladies, who have worked tirelessly, without complaint, for themselves & their families for decades. We're hoping that by implementing a Goddess Reward Point System for each purchase made, that these acts of love will give everyone a more memorable & personalized experience!

Expectations & Exclusions:

Goddess Rewards can only be combined with FREE SHIPPING! Other discount codes cannot be combined with reward usage. There are also no expiration dates on our Goddess Reward Points. That means, as long as we are in business, you can use them as you like, when you like. 

Reward Earnings:

  • Create an Account = 250 Goddess Rewards 
  • Complete an Order = Earn 1 point for every $1 
  • Happy Birthday = 100 Goddess Rewards 
  • Leave a Review = 50 Goddess Rewards
  • Follow on Instagram = 100 Goddess Rewards
  • Like on Facebook = 100 Goddess Rewards
  • Share on Facebook = 25 Goddess Rewards
  • Complete profile = 10 Goddess Rewards

    Reward Values:

    • $10 Off Coupon for 500 Goddess Reward Points
    • $25 Off Coupon for 750 Goddess Reward Points
    • $50 Off Coupon for 1,000 Goddess Reward Points
    • $75 Off Coupon for 1,500 Goddess Reward Points
    • $100 Off Coupon for 2,000 Goddess Reward Points
    • $125 Off Coupon for 2,500 Goddess Reward Points


      Discounts are a HUGE part of of the many awesome perks that come with shopping at Happily Ever Atchison Shop Co. However, there are a few exclusions, which are put into place so we are not just giving everything away for free. Although we wish we could :)

      FREE SHIPPING is automatic at checkout if you spend more than $100.  
      Only 1 Discount Code can be applied at a time during checkout. For example, if you subscribe as a first time customer to get 15% off your 1st order, that code can only be used in conjunction with Free Shipping (if you spend over $100). Another example, would be if we are offering a FREE PRODUCT with orders over a certain amount and give you a code to use, that also can only be used in conjunction with FREE SHIPPING (on orders over $100). You CANNOT COMBINE, for example, a discount code you receive (either by our social media content girls or on our website), plus 15% off your 1st order for subscribing, plus free shipping. Goddess Reward Points apply to this as well. You can only combine FREE SHIPPING when you gain a coupon to use your points for a purchase. 
      Hope this all makes sense...Any questions or concerns, please email us directly at Happilyevershopco@gmail.com.